Toarmino Family History

The many spelling variations: (Taormina, Toarmino, Taramino, Taromino, Taramine, Tarmino, and ???)
The origin of our last name is Taormina based on Joe & Rose's gravestone, Rose's passport, and the Ellis Island records.

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Giuseppe [Joe] Taormina was born on 06 Nov 1866 in Sicily. He died on 30 Jan 1960 in Avon, NY.
Rosa [Rose] Sferrazza daughter of Antanino Sferrazza and Rosaria was born on 16 May 1872 in Collesano, Palermo, Sicily[1]. She died on 04 Dec 1953 in Avon, NY.

Giuseppe [Joe] Taormina and Rosa [Rose] Sferrazza married.They had the following children:

  1. Joseph Taramino Jr. was born on 15 May 1891. He died on 29 Jan 1977 in Avon, NY.
  2. Antonio [Tony] Taromino was born on 09 Dec 1893[2]. He died on 05 Jul 1976 in Avon, NY.
  3. Rosario [Ross] Toarmino [Taramine][2] was born on 25 Jun 1899[2]. He died on 04 Jun 1960.
  4. Anna Taormina was born in 1902.
  5. Vincenza [Jennie] Toarmino was born on 30 Oct 1904. She died on 06 Dec 1979.
  6. Rose M Taormina was born on 07 Apr 1910. She died on 28 Dec 1949.
  7. Salvatore [Sam] Toarmino was born on 10 Apr 1912 in Avon, NY. He married Thelma Cleo Silver on 25 Jun 1945. He died on 03 Mar 1997 in Avon, NY.
  8. Charles Toarmino was born on 14 Nov 1913. He died on Jul 1964.
  9. Angelo Tarmino was born on 27 Jul 1916. He died on 05 Nov 1998.

Note: This is how each of the children ended up spelling the last name to the best of my knowledge.

Giuseppe [Joe] Taormina came to Avon, NY from Collesano, Palermo, Sicily on 23 Apr 1906[3] to meet his brother-in-law Leonardo Peri.
Rosa [Rose] Sferrazza came to Avon, NY from Collesano, Palermo, Sicily on 29 Mar 1909[3] with the following children:
  1. Antonio [Tony] Taormina [1][3]
  2. Rosario [Ross] Taormina [1][3]
  3. Anna Taormina [1]][3]
  4. Vincenza [Jennie] Taormina [1][3]

Note: This is how the last name was spelled on Rose's passport and the Ellis Island records.

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[2] Social Security Death Index.
[3] Ellis Island Records.